Browser Extension not working on IE 5/Windows 95

The browser extensions don’t work in IE 5.

But my company doesn’t allow me to upgrade to Windows 98.

What shall I do?

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I had to check if this is a Post that is 10 years old :smiley: Oh my gosh - answer them they should move to a better company.

Hi @AndreSEO

Your previous username LRTSEO gives the impression that you belong to LRT staff, when you clearly don’t.

This is a violation of Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) #15

We therefore renamed it to AndreSEO - feel free to request another username.


Is broken.

O.K. no problem at all. We used the name as well for our LRT account, so it was close to use the same username.

Got it - but there you don’t show up in public.

The link was in the hidden “staff” category - should work now

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Use Opera… it’s faster and have tabbing browser.

But i just checking that IE5 actually works on 95:

probably IE5.5 was last that works on 95.